It is with deep regret that we have to announce the sad news that Plonker, Gordon's Donkey, has died.
Plonker was 27 years old and had been helping with The Plonkers performances for the last 20 years.
Plonker would often support the Agricultural Orchestra by going into pubs, clubs etc, to be led around.

Plonker was also invited in his own right to open fetes and feature in Palm Sunday services.

Plonker will be sadly missed by all. Below are pictures of Plonker 'at home''

I'm sure I can smell a carrot!


Plonkers picture Gallery

Plonker thinking.......

I'm sure I can smell a carrot!

Plonker in his best Sunday Outfit

Plonker in her best Sunday Outfit

Plonker's friends

Plonker's friends

Some more sad news, The rooster that sat on one of the speakers at a recent gig, The Wheel Inn was involved in what nowadays they describe as an 'incident'

A fox decided that the rooster would make a great meal, Gordon's heart sunk when he went outside and all that was left was the feathers.

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